Finally, festival season is upon us, and with one of the biggest day festivals being one of the first to kick things of Slam Dunk has got (yet another) stellar line up. With band like Good Charlotte, Jimmy Eat World and Reel Big Fish giving a huge nostalgia trip the Festival will hit its usual spots across the UK, Leeds City Centre, Hatfield Park and Birmingham NEC.



With some heavy hitting names on the bill it’s definitely going to take some big decisions as to who to see, so to try and make it a fraction easier for anyone lucky enough to be heading to one of the dates we thought we’d pick out 3 bands not to miss.

An obvious choice straight off the bat is the awesome Frank Carter and The Rattle Snakes. These guys never fail to disappoint live, Frank’s energy is more than infectious wither this is down to the electricity of his stage presence of the electricity of his suits we’ll let you decide. For anyone who hasn’t see the band live we cannot recommend them enough, every track sounds just as good if not better than the studio recorded version and if you’re not a die-hard fan already you will be after their set.

Traveling possibly the furthest out of the line-up is Aussie prog metallers Northlane. Surprising fans last year with the unannounced release of Mesmer, the 5 piece have a more than unique sound. Heavy vocals and lucid instrumentals have gained them a huge following across the globe. Marcus Bridge (frontman) shows every bit of appreciation for this the band hit the stage. Northlane hit the UK a few times last year on festivals and headline tours and seem to be setting the same standard for this year.

Third and final band has to be Reel Big Fish. If not for the jump back the ska punks are the perfect way to start the summer/festal season. It is near impossible not to get involved with a band like this. The colourful stage presence is almost as colourful as Aaron Barrett’s shirts. The adolescent banter between songs will leave you with aching sides and the high-energy trumpets will have anyone jumping off their feet and into a Hawaiian shirt ready for the next festival!

Words by: Anthony Hunt


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