O2 Academy Birmingham played host to a stacked line-up of Venom Prison, Power Trip, Code Orange and headliners Trivium finalising this mixture of death metal, hardcore and everything in between. 

venom prison edit steph 4.jpg
Venom Prison – Photo Credit: Stephanie Evans Photography

Venom Prison hailing from South Wales kicked off the show to an already half-filled venue, looking promising for the first supporting act on out of three. The death metal outfit provided an onslaught of heavily downtuned riffs, a pulsing drum beat coupled Larissa Stupar’s fierce vocals thundered throughout the room. ‘Celestial Patricide’ and ‘Desecration of Human Privilege’ were the strongest tracks of the set. Whilst the front row fans weren’t very enthusiastic, an opening in the crowd could be spotted with fans moshing, which saw a surge in the energy in the room.

power trip edit steph 2.jpg
Power Trip – Photo Credit: Stephanie Evans Photography

Moving swiftly on to second act Power Trip, their punchy, crossover thrash sound kept the momentum going, certainly something to nod your head to. Vocalist Riley Gale hopping around the stage and leaping off the drum riser, his vigorous stage presence made the whole set that much more dynamic. The guitarists were head banging and whipping their hair to their hearts content whilst shredding out the formidable riffs of Nightmare Logic’s ‘Executioners Tax (Swing Of The Axe)’, ‘Soul Sacrifice’ and ‘Manifest Decimation’ from the 2013 albums namesake. Again, the mosh pit was in full swing, fans exuded a burst of energy when the two-step rhythms dropped.

code orange edit steph 6.jpg
Code Orange – Photo Credit: Stephanie Evans Photography

Code Orange were main support for the night. Bassist Joe Goldman leaps over the barrier into the crowd to stir up some energy from the unsuspecting audience members. The band’s monstrous sound layered with punchy, discordant riffs, synthesised parts with a thundering bass rumbled throughout the room. Each member, storming back and forth across the stage, their intimidating and boisterous demeanour matched their undeniably heavy sound; standard practice for a Code Orange performance. The band’s undeniably popular tracks ‘I am King’, ‘Real’ and ‘Forever’ saw the die-hard fans congregating in the mosh pit, arms flying and legs violently kicking the air without mercy. ‘Bleeding In The Blur’ saw guitarist Reba Meyer’s clean vocals shine through, the somewhat more mellow track in the band’s repertoire didn’t slow things down for long. Code Orange’s eclectic performance set the stage perfectly for Trivium’s highly anticipated set.

trivium edit steph 5.jpg
Trivium – Photo Credit: Stephanie Evans Photography

The intro track of Iron Maiden’s ‘Run To The Hill’s rang out over the PA, crowd members singing along in unison. Finally, Trivium graced the stage and were met with a deafening roar of cheers and claps. Opening the set with ‘Sin and the Sentence’ from album of the same name, the front row fans were passionately singing along to the words. The room was now almost completely packed out, fans gathering in their masses for their extensive set; crowd surfers were gliding over the barrier one after the other and rock horns raised firmly in the air. Front man Matt Heafy used his charm to entertain the audience, exclaiming that the band were happy to be playing on UK soil once again. Heafy was certainly the star of the show, sticking his tongue out whilst delivering melodic guitar licks and signalling more energy from the already vigorous crowd. Heafy’s both clean and heavy vocals were crisp and powerful, not a note out of place.

trivium edit steph 13.jpg
Trivium – Photo Credit: Stephanie Evans Photography

Whilst not as chaotic as the bands who preceded them, each member embodied a lively stage presence nonetheless. The track ‘Until The World Goes Cold’ heard the entire crowd singing along, outshining Heafy himself. Their setlist was a mix of all the band’s releases with tracks such as ‘Becoming The Dragon’, ‘Like Light To The Flies’, ‘Inception Of The End’ and ‘Betrayer’ provided a good range of tracks from both the old and the new.  The encore was a triple whammy of ‘Shattering The Skies Above’, ‘Pull Harder On The Strings of Your Martyr’ and iconic Trivium track ‘In Waves’, the momentous set drew to a close. Trivium came with all guns blazing and so did the fans – their performance was definitely one to remember.


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