Aicha Djidjelli, Drew Wynen and Josh Weller, collectively known as London punk trio, The Kenneths​, have released a video for their new single, ‘Model Man’, taken from the ‘Ex’ EP released on April 20th.

Speaking of ‘Model Man’, frontman and guitarist Josh Weller says, “It’s about someone who is out of control. You know that person you meet at a party, who’s taken too much of something, and it makes them think they’re amazing and what they’re saying is REALLY interesting? Someone with too much testosterone and no outlet for it, so they have all this jacked up rage. Musically the song is fast, jagged and pissy; everything The Kenneths is about.”

Speaking about the video, Weller says, “if you’re in a band in 2018 you’re also expected to be a marketing genius. We are told all the time how important a ‘good music video’ is, or that we should try and make ‘viral content’. We’ve even been told we should think about becoming YouTubers. So we thought we’d make a video where we do the exact opposite.

When you think about it , it’s a bit weird to film yourself miming to a song, so we figured it would be better to take the piss about how important music videos are. Everyone is grasping for attention with music videos, so we went the other way. But make sure you watch til the end, it doesn’t get REALLY good until the end.”

Following two years of solid touring, clocking up shows alongside the likes of The Descendents, The Offspring, Anti-Flag, Juliette and The Licks, Jack Garratt, Lianne La Havas and Dead! along the way, ‘Ex’ was fittingly recorded live with producer Ben Baptie (The Strokes, Jamie T)​.

“It was a case of getting in a hot room, drinking a lot of coffee, bang it out in three days, drink whisky in the evening and work until 4am.” Josh and Aicha recorded all of the vocals live too, facing each other, “like a sort of nightmare Tony Bennett duets album.”


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