9 stars

Cove’s latest release A Conscious Motion, is sure to rock up an absolute storm! I have been very unfortunate not to get round to listening to both this new E.P and their previous release before now and i’ve definitely been missing out! 

‘Coincide:Collide’ sounds like something you’d usually expect to hear from bands like Code Orange, especially as the melodic vocals stand out as something great that vocalist Ben Shorten capitalises on to push forward the perfect ratio between his harsh & cleaner vocals. Then dropping straight into ‘Solis’ a track of pure intensity that flaunts it power in your face.

We then return back to a more melodic song with ‘All I Believe’ where the clean moments help elevate the sheer ferocity of the heavier sections of the song. ‘Host’ then slows us down again taking it’s time and reeling us all in before yet again throwing us head first into the fray with ‘Reflect:Resolve’.

This throws us into the realm of Architects but with the guitar work sounding less technical. Of course this doesn’t take anything away from the amazing sound that Cove have managed to produce here, ‘A Conscious Motion’ isn’t just a catchy E.P, its a statement delivered so well that it proves that despite Metalcore being over-saturated with bands, you can still create something beautiful!

Written by Sean Shore


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