Today post-hardcore trio Chocolate release their brand new single ‘Heavyweight’, coinciding with their UK tour which will see them play shows in March and April. 

“We are very excited to release our latest single Heavyweight,” the band comment. “Since releasing our previous single Ninth Cloud we’ve developed a more mature sound and we feel that the track highlights our best qualities: solid grooves, anthemic choruses and huge riffs.”

Drawing influence from the likes of Deftones and Reuben, CHOCOLATE raise the bar with ‘Heavyweight’, a hard-hitting track that alternates between powerful riffs and twirling melodies, all the while delivering an important message.

UK Tour Dates: 

March 3rd – Niall Fest, Manchester
March 10th – Angila Ruskin University, Cambridge
March 14th – The Moon, Bishops Stortford
March 17th – Essex University, Colchester
March 30th – The Flag, Watford
April 17th – The Horn, St Albans
May 6th – Woolpack Festival, Hertford

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