Brighton based progressive alt/math-rock band Poly-Math are pleased to announce that preorders for their new double album ‘House of Wisdom | We Are The Devil’ set for release on 20th April via Lonely Voyage Records and Nice Weather For Airstrikes – are now live.

Fans can order the record on 12” vinyl or digital download here:

To celebrate, the trio are giving away a free download of lead single ‘Ink of Scholars’ which you can grab here: https://wearepolymath.bandcamp.com/track/ink-of-scholars-blood-of-tigris

Commenting on the track, they said: “Ink of Scholars is one of the more time-signature-focused tracks on the record. We wanted to blend big riffs with a few confusing rhythms and see where it ended up, so the first section ended up being all 3 of us playing almost entirely different parts to create that jagged, out of sync feel.”

Continuing the band’s visual theme, House Of Wisdom | We Are The Devil is the third release to inspire artwork designed by long-time collaborator Sam Hall. The reversible LP cover for the album features a single scene flipped on its head, and marks some of Hall’s most creative work to date.

Their mind-bending music has so far drawn praise in the media from the likes of The Independent, Guitar & Bass, PROG, Revolver, Total Guitar, Modern Drummer and many more.

Poly-Math will again be touring throughout the year and showcasing the new record at festivals in the UK and Europe, with live dates TBA.

House of Wisdom | We Are The Devil tracklist:

1. Preface To The House Of Wisdom | Preface To We Are The Devil
2. 1258 | In The Sights Of Mesopotamia
3. Ink Of Scholars | Blood Of Tigris
4. Geography | Alamut/Sidh
5. Mathematics | 12 days
6. Astronomy | The Uncelestial
7. Alchemy | Terra Incognita
8. Philosophy | Death & The Devil
9. Medicine | No Hell Like Home
10. Ink of Scholars Reprise | In The Hands of Hulagu
11. Science | We Are The Devil


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