Aicha Djidjelli, Drew Wynen and Josh Weller, collectively known as London punk trio, The Kenneths​, have today announced the release of their new EP, ‘Ex’ on April 20th​, with the release of brand new single and EP opener, ‘Favourite Ex’​.

Speaking of ‘Favourite Ex’, frontman and guitarist Josh Weller says, “Favourite Ex was a song idea Aicha had while we were recording our last EP with Bill Stevenson​. Aicha and Bill went out on the razz after she’d finished her drum parts, Aicha was talking to Bill about her favourite ex and he said ‘that’s an amazing song title!”

“The song lyrically is about looking back at the ruins of a relationship and realising what you had was actually pretty special. It’s a break-up song, but looking back with a bit of nostalgia, and a bit of vinegar. I think everyone has a favourite ex. That person who for some reason or another you feel like you cocked it up with.”

Following two years of solid touring, clocking up shows alongside the likes of The Descendents, The Offspring, Anti-Flag, Juliette and The Licks, Jack Garratt, Lianne La Havas and Dead! along the way, ‘Ex’ was fittingly recorded live with producer Ben Baptie (The Strokes, Jamie T)​.

“It was a case of getting in a hot room, drinking a lot of coffee, bang it out in three days, drink whisky in the evening and work until 4am.” Josh and Aicha recorded all of the vocals live too, facing each other, “like a sort of nightmare Tony Bennett duets album.”


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