Two men entered a wooden shack in the backwoods with nothing but their instruments, a plan to pursue the perverse, and enough hard liquor and drugs to kill a yak at 50 yards. Rain fell, sparks blew from power outlets and an ungodly racket raised and summoned the twisted cacophony presented here.

This is Jaw of The Tyrant Hills by St Fenton The Tainted, which will hopefully, pending numerous court cases, legal challenges and imminent self-destruction, be UNLEASHED upon the world on 6th April via Hibernacula Records.  Unless anyone objects.

Spread across six agonising tracks of suffocating hatred, Appalachian murder ballads and droning swamp rock, Jaw of The Tyrant Hills is the product of deranged, outback rage featuring some of the most downtuned, spirit-breaking, crusty sludge to emerge from Hertfordshire.

“If God wants men to have faith, why does he not make us more disposed to believe? I mean, it’s really quite inconsiderate. Does the deathbed convert really believe or is he just hedging his bets? The pious debauchee? However if you give us wine, we’ll drain the dregs and toss the empty bottle at the world. Show us your Lord Jesus in agony and we may mount the cross and steal his nails for our own palms (and maybe his sandals and loose change). We shuffle from the world, our dribble fresh upon the bible and look upon a pinhead and see angels dancing.”

This is not something you want to miss if you have a penchant for the absurdly disturbing. Truly harrowing, unpleasantly listenable. Dare you anger the Saint?

Jaw of the Tyrant Hills will be released on 6 April 2018 via Hibernacular Records.


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