Haux has today released ‘Ricochet’, the latest single to be taken from his forthcoming ‘Something To Remember’ EP (out 30th March via Ultra).

Haux wrote the solitary chords of ‘Ricochet’ at his upright Bechstein piano in an unfurnished, reverb heavy apartment in the Berkshires, Massachusetts that he now calls home. These glistening moments remain central to the song which is a real headphones moment. 

Haux himself recalls the romantic story of writing this one as follows: “While recording the final vocals for ‘Ricochet’ I was reminded of the empty living room and the Bechstein. I remembered the woman who sold me the piano saying it had been in her family all of her life and that her grandmother had played it every morning growing up until her husband left her. She said that she never played it again after that. The family had the piano maintained but it was never the same, she said. That story hit me hard and was all that I could think about when I sang, “If I’m the rock, you’re the ricochet”.


1 June – London, UK – Omeara (tickets)
2 June – Glasgow, UK – Stereo (tickets)

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