Valentines is the one day of the year where couple spend the night embraced in some form of romantic activity, this year is no exception but for some couples to get hot, sweaty and breathless………in a mosh pit pushing and shoving away to the brutality of Tribulation, Wintersun and the might Arch Enemy as Bristol is hit with the ‘Will to Power’ tour.

Wintersun - Bristol, O2 Academy - 14-02-18-48.jpg
Wintersun – Photo: Anthony Hunt Photography

This is the last night for the UK leg of the tour and despite the show not being sold out the crowd is still an impressive size. First up are Swedish Metallers Tribulation. Hitting the O2 with everything you’d expect from a four-piece death metal quartet from heavy kick drums, haunting guitar riffs to.

Arch Enemy - Bristol, O2 Academy - 14-02-18-52.jpg
Arch Enemy – Photo: Anthony Hunt Photography

Wintersun hit the stage next and they all come on greeting the crowd smiling and looking less menacing than Tribulation they pummel the O2 with tones and riffs that would make any Viking “battle ready.” Jari Maeenpaan’s vocals are beyond impressive live as is the technicality of guitarists Teemu Mantysaari & Asim Searah ability to shred through solos with face melting intensity.

Arch Enemy - Bristol, O2 Academy - 14-02-18-102.jpg
Arch Enemy – Photo: Anthony Hunt Photography

Coming on to the first track of their ‘Will to Power’ is only fitting for Arch Enemy, but once Alissa is on stage her monstrous growls soon belt out ‘The World Is Yours’ and fans finally get what they have come for. Playing only 4 tracks from their latest album the crowed lapped up the ever popular ‘You Will Know My Name,’ ‘War Eternal’ and ‘Nemesis’ which was saved for one of the three encore tracks. Playing “Reason to Believe’ gives the frontwoman a chance to show off just how incredible her voice is with crisp clean vocals. Closing the set with the outro instrumentals of ‘Fields of Desolation’ Arch Enemy leave the academy still shaking from an onslaught of savage roars, a blitz of brutal heavy riffs and rib crushing drums, and fans are left still wanting more.

Review by Anthony Hunt


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