Osaka melodic punks, waterweed, come to the UK and Europe for the first time and release a blistering masterpiece of punk rock and melodic hardcore.

The album was released in Japan last year by maximum10 to a great response. And on 6th of April 2018, Lockjaw Records will bring it to the UK and Europe for an eager new audience.

‘Brightest’ features 12 tracks of fast melodic hardcore with powerful vocal hooks mixed with raw hardcore passion, which is magnified with an awesome live performance.

Formed in Osaka 2003, they have been at the forefront of the Japanese post-hardcore and screamo movement since the beginning of the scene.

While the scene slowly evolved to take the mainstream, waterweed instead dove deeper underground going against the grain and back in time to sharpen their own style. At the end of their search, the result was close to their roots and a deeper melodic from of hardcore.

During their evolution they went through several member changes, resulting in the current three-piece line-up. Getting rid of unnecessary weight, they are ready to fly high above the surface.

Waterweed come to the UK for the first time, re-releasing the critically acclaimed Brightest via Lockjaw Records for a new European fan base. Following the release, the band will play 12 dates over Europe around the Manchester Punk Festival. Don’t miss it!

waterweed tour.jpg


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