Entering the half filled room, I had an inkling that the room was only going to end up more packed with the crowd throughout the show.

Arcades – Photo: Heather Lowe Photography

Opening the show were Leicester based band Arcades, and within the first the moments of them starting their set the energy they bought to the stage and room was unbelievable. There is nothing better than witnessing an opening band grace the stage with such confidence and energy, but it was certainly a great way to start the show. I have never witnessed a band where the vocalist is constantly on the move for a long time. Their set was followed with a consistent round of applause from the start to finish of their set.

Following up Arcades were a more mellow band known as Neon Waltz, after the opening band getting the crowd warmed up, Neon Waltz had a solid act to follow. Compared to the opening act I felt this band were more chilled on the stage however that worked better with the music they performed. The catchy riffs and beats were meaning I was tapping my foot along every chance I got. Every song they performed erupted with a roar from the crowd.

Neon Waltz – Photo: Heather Lowe Photography

Within the last year I’ve had the pleasure to witness The Sherlocks own the stage twice with a sold out London show and an incredible debut album that hit the charts and it was understandable why they did both. Every time I’ve caught this band they haven’t disappointed so I have high hopes for tonight’s show, especially as the first time I saw them was over at The Bullingdon so to see the dramatic increase of fans turn up at the O2 Academy in Oxford was incredible and well deserved, I loved the fact the room went from being half filled with fans to completely rammed. However The Sherlocks hadn’t even started their set but in the interval members of the crowd were already climbing onto friends shoulders.

The Sherlocks – Photo: Heather Lowe Photography

As soon as the first few strums of their guitars and beats of the drums were played the crowd erupted, and if that wasn’t an impression of how the rest of the night was going to continue I would be lying. Their set consisted with a constant roar of applause and cheers from the crowded room and that was what the band deserved. In the bands true style they included a few acoustic songs which certainly changed the vibe in the room and it worked perfectly ‘somebody get me a rum’ shortly after the strums and vocals were following. Throughout their set every time I glanced around the room I found it nearly impossible to find a fan in room not singing away to every song of their set. The band declared that this was the most amount of tickets they had sold on the tour enabling them to upgrade to a much larger room and if that wasn’t proof enough of how well they’ve taken off in the last few months since the release of their debut album then I don’t know what will be. As soon as the set came to an end the band departed from the stage the crowd began to chant ‘Please don’t try and run before you can walk and don’t jump the gun’ until the lights went up and  I won’t deny the fact the fans were singing louder than I ever anticipated tonight.

Review by Heather Lowe


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