6.5 stars

Following up on the 2015 release of ‘Catacombs’, The Dead XIII are back with ‘Dark Days’ due out on the 9th February, a 12 track release with a metal feel to the music but it highly differentiates with piano & synth throughout the album.

The title track of the album ‘Bloodlines’ which they have been playing throughout the past year, they kick things off with a short scream and guitar/synth that plays well with each other throughout the song. The chorus has a catchy hook with plays well alongside the roar of ‘The Bloodline’ which is sure to be a crowd pleaser at any show they play.

‘Dark Days’ opens up with heavy synth melody before throwing down a strong groove riff but it never seems to reach to potential that I was hoping for. For me this can be seen throughout the album with some strong promise but it appears to be wasted, with synths overused through the wholeout and then mixed with the vocals that are quite monotone, it lacks the emotion needed for a quality song. One up take I can from this album is that it is energetic and would sounds really good live on stage!

There isn’t one terrible song in this album, but neither is there an amazing one either. I can see how this would be for fans of bands like Rammstein, but it feels like there could be more to it then there is.

Review by Sean Shore


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