It’s no doubt that January can put people on a bit of a downer, end of the festive season, 6 weeks till payday and the shocking weather. So, what better way than treating you’re self to a pick me up than donning some spandex and getting sweaty jumping around?

No, we’re not talking about actually using that gym membership you signed up to, we’re talking the “Lower The Bar Tour” which sees Steel Panther, Wayward Sons and Inglorious hit the UK for initially 5 dates but due to selling out the shows quicker than Satchel (guitarist) and make an innuendo more dates were added to the UK shows. We head to the O2 academy for a night of classic rock and quite possibly 1 or 2 

Wayward Sons - O2 Academy - Bristol - 27-1-18-18.jpg
Photography by: Anthony Hunt Photography

First to take the stage are Wayward Sons. Despite being the openers of the night it is evidently clear that the band have a following. With the venue filling up nicely Wayward Sons start off their set with ‘Alive’ from their only album ‘Ghosts of Yet To Come’ small groups dotted about the venue can be seen with arms raised and singing along to the majority of the set.

Wayward Sons are definitely a solid choice for a first act the whole band are full of energy especially with Toby (Jepson) jumping all around the stage at every chance he gets, and the crowd are more than happy to mimic this. Impressive vocals and classic riffs have won the crowd over and easily gained a larger following in readiness for their upcoming headline tour.

Inglorious take place in front of the now fully packed Academy, from the second that Nathan (James) belts out the first note, the building is filled with his jaw dropping vocal talent.

Inglorious - O2 Academy - Bristol - 27-1-18-14.jpg
Photography by: Anthony Hunt Photography

Inglorious have picked up a few awards from the guys over at ‘Planet Rock’ which Nathan mentions a couple of times, but with a band that performs tighter than Lexxi Foxx’s Spandex it’s easy to understand why. The set is split equally between the bands two albums ‘Inglorious’ and ‘II’ the guys close out with the ever popular ‘Until I Die’

Making their way on to the stage one by one and met with thunderous roars and screams are the headliners and the main reason that the O2 is bursting at the seams is Steel Panther!

Kicking things off with ‘Eye of a Panther’ and ‘Going In The Backdoor’ gets the whole audience moving and laughing, que a solid 15 minutes of band banter of Michael (Starr) being compared to a “fat Bret Michaels” or a “skinny Vince Neil” and members of the crowd being called out to flash various body parts, which is lapped up by the audience. Satchel also makes a passing comment about Bristol girls being the hottest and also the easiest is greeted with cheers from shockingly mostly the “ladies” in the crowd.

Steel Panther - O2 Academy - Bristol - 27-1-18-9.jpg
Photography by: Anthony Hunt Photography

Steel Panther not only bring a pile of musical talent to the stage but they interact with every inch of the room. ‘Wasted Too Much Time’ gets a huge reaction from the horde with everyone singing along. The night gets slowed down a little for ‘That’s When You Came In’ and ‘Weenie Ride’ with Stixx stepping out from behind the drums and playing the keyboard, Satchel picking up an acoustic guitar and picking out a “hot bitch” from the crowd to take a seat next to Michael as he serenades her.

Of course, the band play girls favourite “17 Girls” and as always get more a mass of female company on the stage for this and “Glory Hole.” Finishing the night with “Community Property’ and ‘Party All Day’ the sold-out academy is left with aching sides, cheeks and longing for “one more song.”

Steel Panther - O2 Academy - Bristol - 27-1-18-7.jpg
Photography by: Anthony Hunt Photography

Steel Panther are easily todays ‘Spinal Tapp’ but even funnier with more spandex and hairspray and quite possibly the lack of a moral compass, so if you failed to catch them this time round you definitely missed one hell of a show from all three bands, Steel Panther will be back in the UK for Rambling Man Festival along with Wayward Sons and with any luck Inglorious will be hitting stages across the UK soon.

Written by Anthony Hunt


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