Formed by twin brothers Paul and Andrew Haug, CONTRIVE are an Australian metal duo looking to push musical and geographical boundaries with their sound that will appeal to a miscellany of fans.

Re-energised, re-invigorated, re-born; Contrive has been honed into a razor sharp two-piece metal machine following a prolonged hiatus after the death of their father. The brothers are ready to take the world by storm in 2018 having finally released their much awaited new album ’Slow Dissolve’ back in September 2017.

Andrew Haug comments
“We were halfway through the writing / recording process of this album back in 2015 when tragedy struck and our Dad passed away. Paul and I didn’t think we’d continue doing this, it was a very trying time for us both. But as most families do, we stuck together & dug deep using Dad’s encouraging words over the years on finding your passion and taking it to its very limits. We believe that emotion and passion has been captured on this record, there is no doubt about that.”

The twin brothers Paul and Andrew Haug are two parts of the one whole, finishing each other’s musical thoughts like no one else can. The result is a potent collection of intuitive, progressive, heavy metal; modern production and a liberal dose of electronic effects that meet some old school metal crunch via surging riffs and punishing drums.

This two piece manage to perfectly craft a seismic soundscape that gives the impression that there is more than two members contributing their noise to this metal outfit.

The twins have a brand new music video coming in 2018 that was filmed by drones.

Contrive recently released their full length opus ‘Slow Dissolve’ to the world back in September, receiving rave reviews from Australian press.

“The overriding vibe is that of groove-based old-school heavy rock and metal, but they have chosen to take a large step out into left field, exploring some interesting soundscapes amid the pounding grooves and enormous guitars.” – The Music

“The Haug brothers unleash eight mammoth tracks sure to leave a staple on the metal community. With a crisp sound, the dynamic duo will not dissolve anytime soon.” – Overdrive Magazine

“This is an album that sounds like it has much so more than just two musicians playing on it.” – Heavy Mag

Contrive have had a very prolific career, sharing stages with the likes of Opeth, Stone Sour, Sepultura, Soilwork, Machine Head, Testament, Cavalera Conspiracy, Coroner and more in Australia. Paul has even filled in on vocals for the likes of Slayer and At The Gates.
The band have had their previous albums shaped by the hands of Devin Townsend and Fredrik Nordstrom before the reinvention of the band as it is now.

One of the most notable achievements of Contrive was when they opened for Parkway Drive in Bangkok and were the first Australian band to ever play in Vietnam, resulting in them selling out the 800 seat Hard Rock Cafe in Ho Chi Minh City.

‘Slow Dissolve’ was produced by Paul and Andrew Haug and mixed by Mike and Dave Young of Young Bros. Productions in Vancouver Canada B.C. Dave is also the guitarist for the Devin Townsend Project.

You can stream Contrive’s latest album ‘Slow Dissolve’ on Spotify HERE


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