Four guys from Athens Greece, sharing stages, mics, inflatable beds and the same passion for long drives and punk rock since 2008.

Followed by their strong debut album “The Dawn Chorus” the band is ready to release their new EP ‘Trails’ coming out on November 18 (mixed and mastered at the blasting room) collectively by Lockjaw Records, No Reason Records, Funk Turry Funk and Cannonball Records. The release will be followed by an extensive release tour in Greece this fall and Europe/UK in Spring/Summer ’17.

In the past 5 years the band have released a few EP’s, a full length, and done around 400 shows all around Europe, UK, US, and Canada including 2 appearances at FEST in Gainesville, Punk Rock Holiday in Slovenia, Rockwave Festival in Athens.


1. Tangled Lines
2. Dead Weight
3. Joke’s On Us
4. My Day
5. Watered Down
6. High and Dry

2009 – In Desperate Times – 7″ (DE records)
2010 – With My Bear Hands – 7″ (DE records)
2011 – Split w/ inXsane – 10″ (Jumpstart Records, No Reason Records, Not Shy of the DIY, Fond of Life, Moonlee Records)
2012 – Split w/ UNFUN – 7″ (ADD Records, Drunken Sailor Records, Hahaha Cool! Record)
2013 – The Dawn Chorus – 12″ (DE records)
2014 – The Dawn Chorus – CD (No Reason Records, Playfalse, Hectic Society, Rebuild Collective, Say Cheese, Cats-Aye Records)
2016 – Trails – 12” (Lockjaw Records, No Reason records)
– CD (Funk Turry Funk)


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