In 2013, Deaf Havana released Old Souls, and what followed was a spot in the Top 10 Albums Chart, rave reviews for its songwriting and a whole host of sold out shows in bigger venues than ever. But, despite finally feeling like “a proper band”, financial and communication issues pushed vocalist Veck-Gilodi and the rest of the band to the edge. “I was very close to quitting,” says Veck-Gilodi, “basically, I didn’t want to be in the band anymore.”

Veck-Gilodi planned to use the bands 2014 Reading & Leeds performance to pay off their debt and act as a final goodbye. However, side shows reminded Veck-Gilodi how much he, and Deaf Havana’s huge fanbase, enjoyed his band. What followed was some of the most creative, inspired songwriting of his career, and this is where Trigger was born.


Veck-Gilodi said of the song, “it was one of the few songs where the words just came out of me as I put the pen to paper. It’s about me feeling alone in relationships and alone in life, reflecting on all the mistakes and things I had done wrong, yet too idled by laziness to do anything to change them. In the video, Ceci (the actress) represents me, being so close to so many people, yet feeling so far away and essentially remaining alone.”


New album All These Countless Nights was produced, recorded and mixed by Adam Noble at Air Studios in London, and residential studio The Vale.

The album is released on January 27th.

Exclusive pre-order album bundles are available here.


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