8 stars

Speeding towards their 20th anniversary with only 2 years to go and still pushing the pedal down hard, Every Time I Die presents us with Low Teens, album number 8.

8 bloody albums that embody the phrase “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, Low Teens dishes up another helping of that humble ETID pie that fans have come to love. The true kings of southern-hardcore are unmatched by their peers, which is a big statement considering that title holds monsters such as Cancer Bats, Maylene and the Sons of Disaster and He is Legend.

This album is also our first dosage of Daniel Davison on the skins with the departure of Ryan Leger are the phenomenal From Parts Unknown. Davison doesn’t disappoint (I mean, he is a co-founder of Norma Jean afterall), adding his own spice and swing to the record. Track “It Remembersis a fine example of his best work on the album, this song also features Panic! At The Discos’s Brendan Urie providing guest vocals, something I never knew I needed to hear till it soared through my cranium. Urie isn’t the only guest on the album, with opening song Fear and Trembling adding Tim Singer of Deadguy to the mix. FYI, this song will be one to fear at the next ETID show you attend.

My only disappointment with this album is that in comparison to their last output, From Parts Unknown, there doesn’t feel to be as much new content  as we got with FPU. Although this isn’t necessarily a grudge or a negative criticism, like I said before “it it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, however to me FPU (and it’s counterpart EP, Salem) is without fault.

Saying that, there is some marvellously beautiful songwriting in the album. This can be highlighted with “Religion of Speed“, “Two Summers” and of course the 3 pre-released singles “The Coin Has a Say“, “Glitches” and “C++ (Love Will Get You Killed)“.

So enjoy Low Teens like I have and exactly how it should be enjoyed; full volume, beer/whiskey in hand, hair down slam the head back and forth like you are covered in brain-eating hornets!


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