6 stars

Ah, remember 2007? The Year of the Dolphin, the first iPhone goes on sale, ol’ Vlad Putin was Man of the Year for Time Magazine, we finally got a Simpsons Movies AND metalcore pop-punkers A Day To Remember gave us that ridiculously good cover of Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Since U Been Gone’. Good times were had by all.

For many people like myself, this pop-homage was the beginning of an obsession for a unique band who’d be copied over-and-over but never replicated to the same standard. For Those Who Have Heart  all the way through to What Separates Me From You are classics. Yes, the band have been criticised in the past for their not-to-technical riffs and over usage of breakdowns but that didn’t stop them putting out good, catchy and memorable albums that included some of the tastiest heavy moments in the metalcore genre.

Common Courtesy was the first album they pushed out after the controversial legal battles they had endured with their previous label – this album was a ‘love letter’ to this entire ADTR saga and felt like they’d really hit the nail on the head for their unique genre, and ultimately for themselves.

Errr…..not so much.

Bad Vibrations pairs the boys with new producer Bill Stevenson of Decendants fame. The overall outcome is more akin to their earlier efforts, which is in theory a wonderful concept. Yet in practice this has fell short at nothing more than the actual content.

There are some standout songs in the name of “Exposed”, “Bullfight” and “Turn off the Radio” but other tracks are dull or in some cases  rather irritating. Top contenders for this lay with 1st single “Paranoia” – Honesty as soon as they dropped back in March I sensed the trouble – and “Naivety”.

Truly a disappointment in my eyes but that isn’t to say that the ADTR formula isn’t here, it’s just left me Homesick (I apologise). Give Bad Vibrations a listen for yourselves but I assume, by and large, many will agree with me. For Once My Eyes Are Open To You (sorry, again) ADTR, and they preferred your old haircut.

Bad Vibrations is out tomorrow (September 2nd) via Epitaph Records.

Written by Harry Davies


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