TRACK OF THE WEEK – 22/08/16

Check out our playlist on Spotify while you have a read of our top picks from this week:

Jimmy Eat World – Get Right

Jimmy Eat World, you’re back! And damn, is it good to have you back. Their latest song, released yesterday, titled “Get Right” sounds like the usual Jimmy Eat World sound, although that isn’t necessarily a bad thing as they’re a great band with a great sound. The song itself has a good amount of energy, although I do feel it’s slightly lacking and I did want a little bit more from it, but other than that, it’s got me pretty excited for more tracks to be released and I’m really enjoying the song overall.

Written by Hayley Fearnley

Aaron Gillespie – A Boy Brushed Red… Living In Black And White

Aaron Gillespie is no newbie on the music scene. Former drummer of Underoath and frontman of The Almost, this time around he has released a solo album that fuses an acoustic style with a smooth country vibe, and the whole thing is just as good as everything else he has ever done. The first track on the album is a beautifully re-imagined version of Underoath’s ‘A Boy Brushed Red – Living In Black And White’, where Gillespie shows the true extent of his incredible vocal abilities.

Written by Megan Smith

I The Mighty – Psychomachia

‘Psycomachia’ is the perfect fusion of catchy alt-rock & post-hardcore with added technical prowess, creating their own trademark groove style and outward looking lyrical themes, showing extreme growth as a band from their previous release, moving on from fiery, aggressiveness that was ‘Satori’, to a more atmospheric setting with a helping hand from Brent Walsh’s vocals meaning I The Mighty have become one of my favourite bands, now they just need to tour the UK more often!

Written by Sean Shore

Anarbor – Freaking Out!

Spotify discovery is one of my favourite ways to find some great bands, Anarbor we’re one of the many. After a few months of getting into their previous albums, they released their self titled album ‘Anarbor’ at the end of July. With a few plays of the album I found the one track that stood out on this delightful album, which was the first track on the album ‘Freaking Out!’ Whether it’s the vocals, guitars or drums within this track I am definitely obsessed, there is something that makes this track unique.

Written by Heather Lowe

Architects – Follow The Water

After the devastating news yesterday that founding member Tom Searle lost his battle with cancer we felt the need to include one of his early moments of genius. The band broke through upon the release of the seminal and downright classic record Hollow Crown and Follow The Water showcases his ability to match killer off kilter riffs with melodic hooks and a bounce so good even someone with a passing interest of the band will be off their feet.

R.I.P Tom Searle, you will be sorely missed.

Written by Joshua Clarke





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