8 stars

When two touring bands fit so well together musically on a bill, you know you are going to be introduced to some great music that defines them as a band. This is true for both Loathe & Carcer City who drop into The Flapper tonight.

Loathe – Photo Credit: Sean Shore Photography

Loathe who have recently dropped their stunning E.P to small fanfare but has been amazingly received by all. The band has no concern for the ‘norm’ dropping themselves somewhere between metalcore & deathcore with heavy, throat stripping vocals that add to the eeriness & unpredictable nature of the band, made their set even more impressive! They shoot through aa short but memorable set with added vocal distortions in-between tracks that lead into heavy tracks with such precision its no wonder they are already signed and off to the U.S this year. 8/10

carcer city
Carcer City – Photo Credit: Sean Shore Photography

Carter City are no stranger to Birmingham having visited here on numerous occasions, most recently with Shields, each time bringing something new with a noticeable improvement and this time was no different.

carcer city
Carcer City – Photo Credit: Sean Shore Photography

With a new album on the way, it was Carcer City’s chance to show off what they had produced. Opening up with new track ‘Infiltrator’ they tear through their set showing off the best from the upcoming album ‘Infiltrator//Unknown’ and their best has gotten even better, with newest track ‘Sovereign’ hitting new heights showing off their dedication to the band over the numerous years, add to that an impressive lighting rig, that creates a perfect atmosphere for a venue of its size you’ve definitely have a band that is going no where but up with this new release on its way! 8/10

Check out our gallery of the show here!

Written By Sean Shore


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