This afternoon, You Me At Six announced an announcement. As cryptic and vague as it may have been, it certainly got fans excited, with plenty of them retweeting and replying to the incredibly ominous tweet with plenty of sentences in full capitals and some that didn’t even really make much sense.

At 9PM, as promised, the announcement finally came in the form of a rather drawn out, strange game of hangman via Facebook’s live video feature. With over 30,000 people watching live via Facebook and Periscope, the boys kept us guessing and drove their fans pretty mad.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 21.10.37

After a very long 40 minutes, the video finally ended, revealing nothing but #NIGHTPEOPLE. We might still have no idea exactly what it is, and You Me At Six might have bored thousands of fans half to death, but #nightpeople is already trending on twitter, and fans are now more keen than ever to find out what on earth it is.

Genius plan? I think so. Let’s just hope they give us a little more than a cryptic hashtag with the next announcement.


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