8 stars

For those of you that don’t know Trade Wind is the brain child and side project of Jesse Barnett, vocalist of hardcore heroes Stick To Your Guns and guitarist Tom Williams of Stray From The Path. If you follow either of those bands like we do then you already know the immense pedigree and brilliance of those bands. Having already released an EP under this name we know what direction this record is heading in.

Opener and first single ‘I Hope I Don’t Wake Up’ has a very early noughties feel to the guitars, and with Jesse’s cleaner delivery helps add drama to the music. There’s more subdued and ambient elements than on their day jobs and it’s a direction that can definitely outstay those bands by cranking down the energy and painting on a wider canvas. However not all the intensity is lost as ‘Lowest Form’ scratches unsettlingly into life and builds and builds. More layers are added as the song goes on and in that adds a whole new level of intensity and interest.

Jesse isn’t the greatest singer in the world but he doesn’t have to be, the vulnerability and delicacy of his voice fits the mood of the music perfectly, especially on the more straight forward ‘Radio Songs’ and ‘Grey Light’. The urgency on this record hits on the track ‘Rare’ with a more distorted and discordant vibe, whilst the polar opposite follows it with ‘Untitled’, a beautiful piano led and minimalistic recording that has audible stereo cracks. Closer ‘Je T’aimerais Toujours’ translates from French into “I Will Always Love You”, possibly an ode to Jesse’s former long term girlfriend whom he spent most of his down time in Montreal with. Never one to shy away from the truth the honesty in the performance and delivery cannot be denied on You Make Everything Disappear and its this reason why we love this band and hope to see more from in the future.

Written by Joshua Clarke


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