Sitting outside Bournemouth’s most promising live music venue, 60 Million Postcards on a perfect Thursday evening, I caught up with Jawbone, my favourite product of Bournemouth’s slightly muddled music scene. Jawbone are a rock n roll duo that I first saw when they supported VANT at this very venue in April last year, and tonight they are back to play a headline show.

On forming…

Formed in early 2014, Benny (guitarist and vocalist) tells me he first met Deano (drums) when he owned a record store in Bournemouth and Deano would hand out flyers for the jam night he played at the Winchester. When they were officially introduced by a mutual friend and studio owner from Poole, they immediately hit it off, and the rest is history.

“He put two and two together and here we are. The chemistry was evident straight away so we thought we’d have a go.”

On playing live…

Since then, the boys have supported bands such as Sunset Sons, VANT and Sticky Fingers – “Australia’s equivalent to Muse”, according to Ben – all at 60 Millions Postcards. Last year, Jawbone were hand picked by Radio 1 DJ and festival co-founder Rob da Bank to play Dorset’s Camp Bestival, which the boys recall as being “pretty damn cool”.  This year, they found themselves on the same line up as quirky folk act Beans on Toast, who caught their set and invited them to go open his show in Camden. Playing something “out of the park, somewhere new” is exactly what Jawbone are all about at the moment. Having “done the local scene to death”, the boys are keen to expand their horizons and push their music out further afield. Trust me when I tell you you will regret missing them when they finally make it to a town near you.

On the future…
Little teaser videos like the one above started popping up on Facebook last month. I asked the boys what this meant and if there was an album in the works.

“We’ve got an album kind of.. pretty much ready to go” explains Deano. Ben expands on this. “We’re not lazy… We just aren’t very attacking when it comes to stuff like that. We’d rather come here and play shows like this than spend time in a studio.” “Yeah, playing liveis our main priority”.

Tonight, Jawbone proved their passion for playing live. Just like the first time I saw them over a year ago, they blow me away with the sheer amount of noise and ferocity they can produce. It is pretty much impossible to not love every second of their performance just as much as they are, and the plenty of people dancing in the crowd make that pretty clear. Jawbone’s set is a short sharp burst of feel good, blues-eque rock and roll energy that you walk away from feeling pretty damn good. Watching Jawbone rattle their their awesome set, I’m struck by the feeling that such genuinely passionate, lovely guys with such a talent should have no trouble making it in the music industry. But then a little bit of selfishness creeps in, and I think that no matter how much they deserve to be heard all over the UK (and even the world), the rest of the world don’t deserve them just yet, and I plan to fully make the most of the tiny, intimate shows left in them.

Jawbone || 60 Million Postcards || 28/07/16.      Photo: Avondale Media

Golden Goose

“GOLDEN GOOSE… Our new track… eventually”. Jawbone recently spent some time in Southampton recording a newer track, Golden Goose, which them aim to release “soon”. The video will be shot with local film-maker Dan Pringle, who just released his first feature film (which features a song by Benny) and also made the music video for Black Mountain (below). Golden Goose will be released as a single on iTunes and Spotify and more news will be coming as soon as it’s set in stone.

In the meantime, check out Jawbone on soundcloud, follow them on Facebook, and check out our gallery of their headline show at 60 Million Postcards.


Written by Megan Smith.



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