Lonely The Brave are a band known for their dark lyrics, broody riffs and husky vocals and as the Cambridgeshire band release their new ep ‘Dust and Bones’ named after a track from their recent album ‘Things Will Matter’, it’s clear that they’ve continued to develop and hone their unique sound.

The opening track, Place Isn’t Lost blasts into your ears fiercely with a wall of sound, a constant drum beat is foremost coupled by the powerful sound of the main chords. As lead singer Dave Jakes’ vocals sound in, the song begins to feel like a return to the band’s debut album, The Days War with the soaring and emotional lyrics ‘…because this place isn’t lost, its crashing away, and it seems like you don’t know what to say’ sticking to your mind.

With the crescendo of the opening track drawing to an end, its soon time for the title track Dust and Bones to find your ears as the incessant drum pattern accompanies the opening riff, before quiet befalls the tune as Jakes’ vocals and honest lyrics take centre stage. Evident from the lyrics, this song means something more to Jakes who bellows ‘…Cause there was a time when I was dust and bones’ with all his heart and soul, merely adding an extra depth and audience connection with his personal meaning to his spoken words.

A common theme runs through this EP with Bottled Time, the third and penultimate track, delivering another expressive and touching suggestion with a typically Lonely The Brave style fast paced track. The chorus is the centre piece of this track, a roaring and catchy melody that forces you to tap along to the beat without a moment’s thought. Once more, Bottled Time is another example of the band drawing you in with lyrics that you can both sing along to and relate to.

As the EP draws to close, a dreamy cover of Pink Flloyd’s Comfortably Numb opens as the band leave you with an impressive and noteworthy rendition of the well-loved hit. Each note is delivered with care and delicacy and you can’t help but think that they’ve hit upon their signature for the future. Comfortably Numb expresses the bands musicianship and determined ability to recreate and restyle a song that is so famous and so popular. With the guitar solo perfected, the EP lulls you down slowly and ends on a powerfully huge and resounding climax, leaving you begging for just one more track to find your ears once again.

Dust & Bones is out on Friday 12th August. Pre order it here.

Review by: Nathan Brown


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