Gigs in the middle of the afternoon are pretty unusual, especially for a band like Moose Blood. However, they still managed to sell out their 100 cap matinee show at Bournemouth’s Anvil. As soon as you walk down into the tiny, humid basement, you forget that it’s the middle of the afternoon and find yourself lost in a sea of incredibly devoted fans.

Having just signed to Hopeless Records, the same record labels as bands like Taking Back Sunday, Enter Shikari and New Found Glory, Moose Blood are clearly gaining ground as an internationally successful band. This makes the fact that they sacrificed their afternoon to squeeze in a another show even more special, proving they don’t (not even for one second) think themselves too good to spend a sweaty afternoon in a dark room just to make their fans happy, before spending their evening doing it all over again. This genuine sense of passion and dedication is what makes a Moose Blood show such a treat, especially one as unique as this.

Photo credit: Avondale Media

The Canterbury boys walk on stage singing along to country music, surprising their fans with their pretty apparent love for the genre. When they eventually agree to switch off Zac Brown Band’s ‘Chicken Fried’, they rattled through a set list of oldies and newbies, with every single song going down just as well with the crowd as the last.

Imagine singing your heart out to a set list crammed full of both classics and new tracks, in a room not really much bigger than two average bedrooms put together, with 100 other people just as into it as you are, and the occasional over excited crowd surfer. Combine that with so much sweat it’s uncomfortable to move, and you have a pretty good idea of the vibe of this afternoon’s scorcher of a show. With their second studio album, Blush, due to come out at the end of the week, Moose Blood are doing a damn fine job of proving their worth in this scene, and their commitment to their fans makes their live shows addictive (I would know, I find myself fighting to catch them on every tour and I’m still not bored).

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Review by Megan Smith. Photos: Avondale Media


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