In February, Enter Shikari embarked on their biggest UK tour to date, headlining some of the biggest venues they have seen over their 10 year career.

When we reviewed the sold out Bournemouth show (review and gallery here), one of the most impressive things about the show was the accompanying visuals. The video screen content and programming was all done by the band themselves, who slaved over it for months prior to the show. Fully aware that this decision could be either a disaster or a victory, the chance to have a videographer on the tour to capture it all was obvious. This is when Alexey Makhov was brought onto the tour.

The result is a 30 minute mini-documentary that follows the band from the tour’s production rehearsals right through to its conclusion at a sold out show at London’s 9000 capacity Alexandra Palace. It is a combination of beautifully shot live footage, behind-the-scenes access and candid interviews with the band.

Frontman Rou Reynolds had this to say on the subject ;
It was great to have Alexy along to document the biggest tour of our lives. He captured both the tension behind the scenes and the emotional release on stage perfectly! 

As well as this stunning mix of footage, a FULL audio recording of Enter Shikari’s Alexandra Palace show does exist, and details of what will be done with that are still to come.



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