New Forest quartet Native release their brand new single, Stop The Rain on Friday, after releasing the mesmerising video a few weeks ago. Filmed in Morocco, the video shows Natives’ recent trip to the country – a trip that proved highly influential on their forthcoming second album (watch this space – we’ll spill the details as soon as we have them).

Guitarist Jack Fairbrother explains the story behind ‘Stop The Rain’: “There’s a lot of negativity and xenophobia in the world at the moment so it feels like the perfect time to share a positive story about mixing with other cultures.

“Our love for percussion led us to Morocco, a Muslim country where the Arabic East meets sub-Saharan Africa. We instantly fell in love with the rhythm of the place, from the main squares to the mountains, everything had a beat. We met Berbers in Agadir, where drumming circles are a part of everyday social life and were captivated by the way rhythm was used to bring people together and tell stories. This idea, coupled with the welcoming warmth of the culture formed the heart and soul of ‘Stop The Rain’.

“The people we met couldn’t have made us feel more welcome, we were repeatedly invited to play music with locals who were keen to pass on their techniques and knowledge and often invited us into their homes to share stories. It was a life-changing experience for us and completely reinforced our outlook on community, culture and the world. We hope you enjoy ‘Stop The Rain’ as much as we enjoyed creating it.”

Describing themselves now as ‘tribal pop’, Natives have a distinctive pop/rock/indie vibe, with endless feel good beats. Their debut album Indoor War was released in 2014, and fans were left waiting for a long two years before they dropped Chasing Lions in March, debuting a new worldly pop sound. Stop The Rain comes as the second taster of what to expect from the forthcoming 20-track concept album, which is set to be accompanied by a novel, furthering the story around which the album has been constructed.


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