Oak Sessions have a knack for producing wonderful live music videos awash with clarity and a personal touch that really transforms their visuals into a personal experience. Working alongside Leader and their latest single ‘Young Again’ we see them working towards a common goal of producing a music video that is crisp and unique. You can feel that both artist and director were on the same page with this journey and the synchronicity is evident.

The song’s message of “Take me back, I want to feel young again” is one we can all relate to. Whether it’s back to an optimistic childhood we miss, a teenage time of liberty and freedom or a portion of adulthood where we travelled, lived and loved. The video encapsulates this perfectly as we see a couplet of young and old, pulling the same box of burden through an abundance of life’s obstacles. Washing up on the beach with a feeling of a long journey ahead, the character pulls this burden across the shore and deep in the forest, across bridges and into valleys. A surprise waits upon the finale. You have questioned the contents of the box, and the alignment of the two souls appears to become one, both old and young again.

The song’s clear message is awash with subtle undertones, and the visual shots are fantastic; a thing we can expect from anything released through Oak Sessions. Leader raise the question of the relevance of age and the question is not necessarily answered. Through this Oak Sessions have certainly showed us the combination of struggle and beauty that occurs through life’s journey, and hopefully they will continue to collaborate to create together in the future.

Leader will be heading out to play festivals this Summer and have just released their fresh Self-titled debut EP. Follow their social for more updates on shows, and you can find their music on Spotify, iTunes and Google Play.


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