Atlanta pop/indie solo-project I, The Victor has released a new music video for ‘Searching for You’

Having spent much of 2014 playing solo and acoustic shows across Atlanta, Rebecca Ramos consolidated an organic and quickly growing fan base and re-branded as I, The Victor.

Honing a range of influences into her positive and genre-bending sound, I, The Victor spans alternative, spoken word and pop into a colorful, vibrant and uplifting end product.

With a reputation beginning to spread beyond Georgia alone, I, The Victor continues to inspire a wave of music fans across the East Coast, earning the acclaim of press and her peers along the way with an engaging live show, recently supporting the likes of Set It Off, Copeland and SayWeCanFly as well as her biggest headline tour to date.

Summer 2015’s release of “Pause” saw I, The Victor hitting full stride, with Ramos’ unique and intricate kaleidoscope of sounds continue to secure an eclectic and widespread fan base and entering the iTunes alternative chart.

With a run of music videos and an EP on the way this summer, Rebecca Ramos’ passion and positivity will be on display again throughout what is set to be I, The Victor’s busiest year to date

“Pause” is out now.


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