Situated in the heart of the Cotswolds, 2000 trees has been getting a stronger following every year and is being renowned for providing the midlands with the best of the UK alt-rock, indie, ska and punk scenes.


The open-minded line-up, the raucous crowds and countless awards have transformed this festival from a small gathering into a weekend of absolute aural carnage over the last decade. Many hold it in high regard as the best UK festival going, and with this year’s line-up it stands to easily hold its’ own against larger festivals this Summer. They’ve doubled in size this year and will be providing beautiful countryside, local beer and cider and internationally acclaimed bands from all over the world.

Sikth are arguably regarded as the heaviest band on the bill for 2000 trees, and after dropping Opacities in 2015 we saw them pulling in a whole different direction and levels their production team should be proud to leave a stamp on. The groove illustrated within the music they create should turn a few heads on the Saturday as they tear up The Cave stage on the Saturday.

In the last three years, Arcane Roots have gained a cult following within the UK’s alt-rock community. Their last two releases have been nothing short of musical masterpieces, with breath-taking vocal beauty, juxtaposed against harsh sections of raw energy. They are of the best three piece groups the UK has produced in recent years and it’s baffling to think three people could make such diverse music. Catch them on the main stage on Saturday.

Tosin Abasi’s Animals as Leaders live performance is still something of a mystery to me. Their music is ethereal and although it could be considered to be verbose in the use of awkward rhythmic patterns, their music is so fascinating it will be a spectacle to witness. They’ll be making an appearance on The Cave stage on the Saturday.

Few bands can make the hairs on your neck stand up like Black Peaks, and if you don’t know this band, listen to the musical benchmark that is ‘Statues’. They’ve just played Wembley with Deftones, and are heading out on tour in September, so if you haven’t scored yourself a 2000 trees ticket then catch them on the road this year, their phenomenal live show is operatic and spectacular and will be presented on the Thursday on The Cave Stage.


Heck‘s live performance is like Encona hot sauce; you may or may not like it, but it’s physically impossible to ignore its presence. Personally I love hot sauce and I love what this band do. They make use of every prop they can, dive into the crowd, climb rigging, roll around on the ground and generally are some of the most entertaining performers to witness. If you’re not into moshing, diving in mud and crowdsurfing, that’s not a problem; these guys do enough of that for everyone watching, leaving passers-by enthralled and bemused with what they were inevitably unprepared to witness. They’ll be destroying the Main Stage on the Saturday.

Press to Meco are another one of the UK’s killer three-piece outfits of late. They’ve only been around for a few years and are one of the most juvenile bands on the line-up; in age and not capabilities though, far from it. With what they would consider to be three lead vocalists, they open up windows most bands before them have struggled to access. In a live showcase, their vocal harmonies are perfect, and fusing this together with math and prog elements of music they love, they have created something truly unique in their art. They’ll take over The Axiom stage on the Friday of the weekend.

Some of the other artists to not miss over the weekend include: Max Raptor, The Bronx & Dave McPherson (INME) on the Thursday; Waco, The Ghost Riders in the Sky, Palm Reader, Neck Deep and Moose Blood on the Friday; Creeper, Refused, The St. Pierre Snake Invasion, Dead! and Zoax on the Saturday. Bring a tent and prepare yourself for an incredible weekend. In the most crude way, I am so fucking hard for 2000 Trees!

Written by Fred Whatmore


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