9 stars

Nails have been gaining quite the reputation over the past few years, their brutal no nonsense take on metal has turned many heads their way. Two critically acclaimed albums in the band need something special to show the rest of the world and the people who have turned their backs on them why they matter, why should Nails be on everyone’s radar? Why should we care? Third album You Will Never Be One Of Us is the time for the blistering 3 piece to show everyone why they are a force in our world.

The title track opens this 21 minute record in frenetic and chaotic fashion. The song and albums title being the key lyrical component and sticking out like a sore thumb, even over the top of the bands fuzz filled yet precise attack. ‘Friend To All’ carries on in the same vain with a high energy performance that fills us with adrenaline and wanting to break everything in sight. Headbanging brilliance. ‘Made To Make You Fail’ clocks in at only 55 seconds but it makes it mark in the sort time period, only two songs go over the 2 minute mark but that doesn’t matter. Cut the fat, get in, fuck em’ up is what Nails are all about and its this approach that makes for a relentless record. ‘Life Is A Death Sentence’ is catchy without relinquishing any of the power or raw ability that the band possess.

‘Violence Is Forever’ is a more mid paced song that sounds menacing and has these bursts of pace that elevate the riffs to the next level. The very obvious Slayer influence comes crashing in when Todd Jones throws in noisy and whammy fused guitar solos on this track and on ‘Savage Intolerance’. The latter lacing a double bass build that erupts in spectacularly caustic fashion. ‘In Pain’ nods his ugly head to the previously released ‘Tyrant’ from Abandon All Life, very similar riff structure. ‘Parasite’ is possibly the most over the top piece on the album with disgusting vocals slicing through drum blasts and more brutally arranged sections. The mosh will definitely come when ‘Into Quietus’ is thrown into the bands setlist with its pummelling drums and slowed down rhythm. Closer ‘They Come Crawling Back’ is a culmination of everything Nails have written and worked towards with eight minutes of vile vocals and downright nasty guitar work.

This album is vulgar, its scuzzy, revolting and gruesome sounding…and we wouldn’t want it any other way. It’s the sound of a band in the form of their lives, with their heads screwed on and the desire to write music that they want to hear, that they would listen to. Cut the fat, get in and fuck em’ up, Nails have done just that.


Review by Joshua Clarke


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