Recently upgraded from the small room at the institute, the newer room made for a more intimate setting and with I, The Mighty supporting, the night is only going to get better.

I, The Mighty – Photo Credit: Sean Shore Photography

Unfortunately we weren’t able to catch Dead! but for their first time in the UK, I have been waiting for I, The Mighty to hop across the pond for a couple of years and they truly did not disappoint. With an amazing set list which combined songs off both their latest release ‘Connector’ & ‘Satori’. The night couldn’t have gotten any better, with tracks such as ‘Lady of Death’ it really showed how good they are when they sound just as good, fi not better than they do on record, with Brent Walsh’s voice coming through on top and starting the night off perfectly (9/10)

hands like houses
Hands Like Houses – Photo Credit: Sean Shore Photography

After a short change over, it’s time for Hands Like Houses. It has been nearly 2 years since I last saw these guys tour with Bury Tomorrow and it’s so good seeing a band you love massively improve and even better when they strike gold with their new album ‘Dissonants’ and the crowd obviously agrees, singing along with every song.

New track ‘I Am’ being the best choices from the album to open up with, introducing themselves to the crowd and showing them what they can do, which includes a heavy baseline and Trenton Woodley immense pitch control with his voice, his ability to hit both the highs and the lows is second to none.

Hands Like Houses – Photo Credit: Sean Shore Photography

Then a return to previous albums ‘Unimagined’ & ‘Ground Dweller’ with the likes of ‘Wisteria’ has the crowd singing back to them as if they were in the band too and when Hands Like Houses finish up and walk off stage to calls for an encore & “one more song”. They all jump back on stage to finish a night off perfectly with ‘Glasshouse’  and ‘Introduced Species’. (9/10)

Two of my favourite bands on the same stage could not have gone down better, the improvements that I have seen with Hands Like Houses has been second to none and with their new release, they are only going to get better! I just hope they don’t leave it so long before visiting again!

Written by Sean Shore



  1. Great review! Absolutely gutted I couldn’t get to a show because I was away. Will definitely be catching them next time they are over here though.


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