9 stars

Tonight marks the second night of Every Time I Die’s takeover of London bringing their chaotic live show to intimate venues across the country’s capital. After slaying Slam Dunk we expect the Buffalo boys to be on red hot form, but first of all there’s the dream like task of opening up for them.

Blood Youth – Photo Credit: JPC Photography

Making waves and impressing wherever they go is Blood Youth who have garnered a somewhat impressive fanbase in their short lifespan so far. Opening with ’24/7’ the guys waste no time warming up tonights crowd. Unfortunately for them we feel there’s been a mixup on the event page stating that they were actually on second as the room is fairly empty. They still give it their all and with songs like ‘Dead Space’ and ‘Closure’, you can’t really miss with their instantaneous connection and furious riffs. The only downside to their set is a timing issue during the start of ‘Big Smoke’ where all four members lose their place. Aside from that it’s a confident and powerful set from the fresh blood on the scene, it’s a shame more people weren’t here to witness it.

Blood Youth – Photo Credit: JPC Photography

Coming back to finish the tour that was cancelled back in November when the awful Paris attacks happen is Muck, hailing from Iceland. No intro music, no theatrics, the band saunter onto the stage, wave hello and crash straight into their furious noise filled punk. It’s fuzzy, rapid fire and full of energy…however no one is responding to it, just a sea of blank faces and muted applause. Everyone is clearly not bothered by this and are waiting for tonights headline draw. Big riffs are thrown in for good measure as the members head bang, flail limbs and pummel their way through their set. The room is slowly filling out but still isn’t near capacity, this is a sold out show yet something about tonight doesn’t feel right, somethings off. Then all of a sudden, Muck are finished, and no one really cared. Shame.

Muck – Photo Credit: JPC Photography

Every Time I Die are one of the most consistently brilliant bands our scene has to offer on record and live, their live shows are stuff of legend so its no surprise that everyone goes off when the opening scream of “I WANT TO BE DEAD WITH MY FRIENDS” from the incendiary ‘Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space’ bursts into life. There’s stage dive after stage dive and the band feed off the energy of the audience and play harder than we’ve ever seen before. With a career spanning almost 18 years and with songs like ‘No Son of Mine’ and ‘Ebolarama’ you’re always going to go down well. Two new songs are aired tonight and they slide effortlessly into the flow of the set with ease and sound very, very promising.

Every Time I Die – Photo Credit: JPC Photography

“You’ve never been to an Every Time I Die show before? Well, guess what you’re gunna do your first stage dive right now before we play this song”. Keith Buckley is in jovial mood and gets a few new fans on stage to join in the antics and not long after there’s a mass stage invasion at their invitation. This is getting out of hand and we love it. ‘Bored Stiff’ brings about smiles and giggles from THAT lyric and the band end on the explosively savage ‘Floater’. They may be getting older but that doesn’t matter, Every Time I Die are kings of our world and are only getting better. Young bands take note, this is how you do live shows, this is how you write uncompromising hits, this is why this band are one of a kind. We salute you. (9/10)

Written By Joshua Clarke


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