Belgian progressive-metalcore band Suasion have revealed the video for their debut single ‘Heritage’ and prepare for a run of summer festivals.

Suasion strive to tread new musical ground whilst making music that’s as accessible as it is experimental. From the atmospheric opening to the punchy verses, new single ‘Heritage’ is complex yet hook laden; the subtle musical layers work together to create an emotive backdrop, with technical instrumentation adding unique flair. Cutting lyrics of personal struggles match the music’s intensity and emotion, but also add a very human element to the polished sound.

‘Heritage’ is the first single in a series that will be released throughout 2016, and provides a great introduction to this fascinating new band. Suasion are set to play select dates over the summer and are currently announced for the following festivals, with more to be revealed soon:

8-10 July – UK Tech Metal Fest. UK
24 June – Jera On Air, Ysselsteyn,The Netherlands
26 August – 6K Fest Unreal Night II, Liège, Belgium


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