8 stars

As I walked over to Sub 89 I saw the fans queueing into the venue, this is something to be expected as this was only a small show but the turn out was incredible. As I was standing in the queue with the fans for about 10 minutes I overheard a few discussing Lonely The Brave, and how much of a good show they’ve put on in the past, so it definitely made me curious to what they’re live performance was going to be like. 

Swedish Death Candy – Photo Credit: Heather Lowe Photography
First up were London based Swedish Death Candy, the band entered the stage with such energy and enthusiasm I think I lost track of where to run to in the pit. The band had a psychedelic rock vibe to them, and got my attention from the get go of their set. From the start of their set it began clear that this band were unique.
Swedish Death Candy’s unique psychedelic rock was one of their main qualities that stood out during their time on the stage. With the bassist ‘Jiwoon Whang throwing himself into some unique shapes, whether it was lying on the floor of the stage or just running about the stage, the energy was something not to be missed. The set involved some beautiful vocals that had the crowd dancing away and singing along. However the heavily instrumented band meant they were able to show off each and every one of their talents, as much as I was looking forward to more vocals but the band prove you don’t have to have to be able to have a proper sing song with the vocalist to be a great band. Their vibe was something I’d love to be able to witness again, Swedish Death Candy are one of those bands that people of every genre can go and listen to and dance their hearts away.
Swedish Death Candy – Photo Credit: Heather Lowe Photography
Lastly to enter the stage were the fan favourites Lonely The Brave. This band is a personal favourite of mine so I’m glad I’ve finally had the opportunity to see them perform live but their set was absolutely phenomenal from start to finish. Vocalist Jake came on stage with great confidence, in the midst of the rest of the Lonely The Brave band, one by one the fans cheered and after three years of solid touring, these guys were surely about to set out on the greatest live performances. This band is a personal favourite of mine so I’m glad I’ve finally had the opportunity to see them perform live but their set was absolutely phenomenal from start to finish.

Vocalist Jake took an unusual position of standing towards the back of stage, once they were ready, they opened their set with Jaws Of Hell, which is on their newly released album Things Will Matter, and with the album having such great reviews the track certainly lived up to the expectations live. Vocalist Jake was belting out every note with such passion for what he does and it was something incredible to be able to witness. Every song performed from their set were ones that were better than the previous. Lonely The Braves set was flawless, they performed with great passion.

Lonely The Brave – Photo Credit: Heather Lowe Photography

The band had a change in volume for their song ‘Science’ during this track they made sure that the energy they had on stage was the same from start to end. Through out the set, the vocals were accompanied with incredible riffs and beats of the drums. The crowd joining in with as many songs as possible until their throats were sore, but that’s the whole point of going to a show right?  They performed songs such as ‘Boxes’ Diamond Days’ and Backroads. After each track ended the crowd cheered, showing their support for Lonely The Brave. However the last three songs were where the band hit the top of their game, with fans dancing along, chanting and clapping along as much as they possibly could.

Lonely the Brave ended their incredible set with a fan favourite, The Blue, The Green’ As soon as the set began to come to a close it was certain that this is a band so passionate about what they do, they’re going to be doing much bigger things as a band. The lights dimmed, not in the ‘show has ended’ sort of way but a ‘encore’ sort of lighting style. The crowd were begging for more,”ENCORE…ENCORE…ENCORE” fans whistled and chanted along with each other, however as much as the crowd wanted the encore it was time to call it a night. 8/10

Review by Heather Lowe


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