Continuing the build up to their eagerly awaited debut album ‘Tides’, which arrives on the 27th of May, Manchester hard rock outfit Iodine Sky are delighted to announce the release of new single ‘Broken Cross.’

The track, which is the second to be unveiled from Tides, picks up where previous single So Far Away left off. Broken Cross is the ideal audio cocktail for any fans of rock music: pummelling drums from the outset, intricate guitar work, chunky bass lines and fret melting solo’s, topped off with the powerful vocals of frontman Aaron Ward. The release of Broken Cross is accompanied by the songs’ music video, which showcases Iodine Sky doing their thing in an engaging and visually impressive clip.

For those wanting to know a little bit more, here’s Aaron explaining what Broken Cross is all about:

“Broken Cross is the first song that started Tides as a concept and our revival as a band, we hold it very closely to our hearts.

It’s about the times when you realise that someone else might love you more than you love yourself and the last thing you want is to see their world change because of it.

We think everyone’s been in a similar relationship in their lives this is our way of telling that experience, we hope you enjoy it”

Iodine Sky are hitting the road several times over the next few months for short, sharp bursts of shows which will allow fans across the UK to get their first taste of “Tides” in the flesh. Their full schedule can be seen below:

17th, The Deaf Institute, Manchester
18th, The Krazyhouse, Liverpool
19th, Music Lounge, Stockton on Tees
23rd, The Workshop, London

8th, The Box, Glasgow
10th, Rebellion Bar,  Manchester

2nd, Snooty Fox Live Club, Wakefield
9th, The Cavendish, London

3rd, Rebellion, Manchester

For their début album, Iodine Sky have teamed up with producer Brett Hestla (also known as bassist for Creed and vocalist for Dark New Day). The full information for Tides including the artwork and track listing can be found below.

‘Tides’ Tracklisting
1. Broken Cross
2. So Far Away
3. Down Over Me
4. Tides
5. Eyes Wide Open
6. Rewind
7. Horizons
8. Summer Song
9. Who Knows You (Bonus Acoustic Track)

Tides is released on the 27th of May and can be pre-ordered from the band’s official online merch store (through Facebook). Embrace the wave, because the Tides are coming!


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