10 stars

Architects are back with a bang! With ‘Lost Forever // Lost Together’ released in 2014 to massive fanfare and rave reviews, the metalcore behemoths have dragged us in the future with ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us’ and the future is bleak & miserable.

‘Nihilist’ opens up the record and brings us into a world full of hopelessness, with vocalist Sam Carter screaming “Well, we’re all dying to meet our maker. / But all our Gods have abandoned us”, bringing to light the direction that Architects are taking with this release, with unrelenting riffs & drums.

It’s the topic that Carter manages to scream and goal out throughout this album that really hits home, with hard hitting lyrics such as “Our fellow man is the enemy“and “They want all for one and none for all”.  For years now Architects have been avid supporters of Sea Shepard and their support for conservationism shines through in opposition of problems faced to humanity throughout the world, all of which are through our own making.

Since ‘Hollow Crown’, there has been a similar sound created but its like Tom Searle upturned the table and delivered his best yet with aggressive riffs that could turn anyone into a metal head. ‘Memento Mori’ has to be the stand out track on the album, an 8 minute masterpiece that brings forth the despair that the album has been building up to, using distorted electronics and soft chords, the track slowly comes around with same perfectly delivering his final message. Despite a short lull, Architects are not done with you, pushing you headfirst, drowning you in the immensity, quite literally forcing their message into you.

Architects have created the perfect album for their beliefs, an accusation against humanity for their inaction to the problems all around them, leaving no stone unturned. This has been one of the best releases of this year, a creation of blistering riffs, anthemic chorus’ and powerful lyrics that never fall short, allowing the band to create this modern masterpiece, elevating them above and beyond into dizzying heights.

Written by Sean Shore (@seanshorephoto)


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