Hold on to your hats folks, because we have some exciting news for you! Arizona rockers Farewell, My Love have dropped a new video for single ‘Crazy’. Not only that, to show their appreciation for all of the love and support from their fans, you can download ‘Crazy’ for free.

For those not familiar with the bands’ story, Farewell, My Love’s five years together as a band up till now have resulted in three EP’s, one album, countless tours and legions of fans worldwide. Farewell, My Love is a group of four brothers with backgrounds that bend from all eras and areas of the music realm, whom have come together to redefine and re-ignite what the definition of this great wave is.

Farewell, My Love comment:
“Crazy is a song we wrote with the intention of defining our self proclaimed theatrical rock sound. When we started this band we always explained our music as if Tim Burton had started a rock band. We feel that the swing beat with the jazzy horns & whimsical melodies is a great representation of that. Lyrically it’s a song about not being comfortable in your own skin, but learning to live with your flaws & prevail through them.”

Having hit the UK for the first time in the Summer of 2015 on the hugely successful British Horror Story tour with Ashestoangels and The Dead XIII; Farewell, My Love are now gearing up for the latest chapter of the band.

Welcome to the beginning, we hope you all enjoy the show.


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