One of the main reasons why I love Northlane is that despite the heavy blow of losing a member, they learned, matured and undoubtedly excelled both as musicians and as a band as a result of it – every cloud right?

New frontman Marcus Bridge makes his presence felt right from the get-go by doing his best not to emulate his predecessor, and is a musical comparison to Periphery’s Spencer Sotelo, in which his harmonic cleans outweigh his equally as powerful harsh vocals – something that Adrian Fitipaldes lacked; despite having some of the best harsh vocals in the business, his cleans were so much weaker.

The latest release, ‘Node’, is less an exercise in flaunting how heavy the breakdowns, something the previous two albums tended toward, which wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but after hearing the new album, I realised that the new stuff is way more progressive and more of a team effort with a musical goal in mind. Although I’m yet to see Northlane with Bridge as a frontman, I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews about Northlane, which is why you’ll catch me throwing down to ‘Soma’ and ‘Rot’, two of the best songs from the new album.

Lovers of technical heavy music with a strong sense of melody and creativity will not be disappointed – go check them out.

Check out our playlist of a few song that we believe may be on Northlane‘s setlist for Slam Dunk 2016

Written by Jack Simmonds (@jackxsimmonds)


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