9 stars

One of the main reasons that I love working within the music industry is the amount of promise, potential and talent that I see within our community; music should always be more than just something you listen to when you’re alone or bored.

Music should be an experience to draw you away from the trials and tribulations of everyday life, listening to songs that give you motivation, purpose or direction – and this is exactly the kind of mind-set that Czech band, Skywalker, adopt. Admittedly, I had never properly listened to Skywalker until I heard that Essex titans, Create To Inspire, were touring Europe with them – so naturally, I thought they must be good. Skywalker have a unique sound, mixing hardcore elements with pop-punk which reflects well both on record as well as in their live performance – an equilibrium that most bands fail to achieve, or at least not as well as some bands do. So when I heard that they were playing one of the best venues, Bunker in my hometown of Cardiff, I had to head down and check them out.

As the house lights went down inside Bunker, the band casually took to the stage, as if savouring the last seconds of calm before the inevitable maelstrom that was about to follow in their wake. Five minutes into the band’s set and I’m totally blown away. Skywalker aren’t just one of those bands that live up to the hype surrounding them, they smash and exceed every expectation and are undoubtedly one of the most exciting bands I’ve listened to in recent times. Songs like Survival and new song, Venom, prove that musically; they’re intense and visually, they’re much more engaging than most other bands I’ve seen, with vocalist Jay Kutcher proving himself worthy as one of the best frontmen in the alternative scene, effortlessly provides a masterclass in both stage presence and crowd connection, moving like a tornado around the stage and engaging in easy conversation with the crowd. The highlight of the night is hearing the opening notes of Laura, a song that takes references from one of my favourite series, Twin Peaks: “Oh, you wanna set me free, I guess I’ll see you under the sycamore tree. Oh, I’ve given up on everything – my only wish is: fire walk with me.”

Skywalker succeeded in capturing the audience’s attention with a flawless performance and set the barrier high for any bands that plan on playing in Bunker. Additionally, with a new EP in the works – this is one band to keep a close eye on. (9/10)

Review by Jack Simmonds (@jackxsimmonds)


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