7.5 stars

All the way from Dublin, Fangclub bring with them ‘Bullet Head’ their latest E.P, a 90s style rock, bringing back memories of Nirvana & Smashing Pumpkins.

Starting off with the title track ‘Bullet Head’, is full of catchy riffs and differing vocals that change from softer clean to more rough in the chorus start us off very well. ‘Loner’ is the next track and brings us into it at a slower pace and throws in all the nostalgia with more of a early 90s feel.

‘Young Blood’ starts off where the first track ended, picking up the speed once again and with more of a punk-grunge vibe is a brilliant change from ‘Loner’, showing everyone the versatility that they are able to create within 6 minutes. ‘Psyhco’ yet again shows how Fangcluba re able to change themselves to throw about the dynamic of the record, with a nirvana-esque sound to parts of the vocals. Role Models closes off the album with heavier guitars and riffs that can easily get anyone to enjoy this track, rounding of the album on a high.

The genre that Fangclub covers is not something that I would usually listen to, but with these guys now on the scene, I feel I have been missing out. An extremely promising release for my first foray in to Fangclub and they have released a genuine, passionate E.P.


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