‘Autopsy’ is the third single to be taken from Press to MECO’s debut album, ‘Good Intent’.

After the dynamism of ‘Means To An End’ and the angular splendour of ‘Diffusion of Responsibility’ comes ‘Autopsy’.

Lewis Williams: “Autopsy is a step away from our usual sound, we wanted to write something epic and slower with lots of big harmonies. It’s less chaotic and way more exposed musically and vocally. The lyrics are melancholic while musically it crescendo’s into a big uplifting ending. It’s a mixed bag of emotions about coming to terms with death, but at the same time being angry about our insignificance.”

The accompanying video also steers in a new direction:

Luke Caley: “We’d considered producing an animated video for quite some time, as there are no restrictions as to what you can do. This video is probably not the first thing a lot of people would have in mind to go with a song like ‘Autopsy’ and it’s open to interpretation. We like people to find their own meanings with our songs and connect with them in whatever way they feel.”

Live Dates:

19 May – The Boileroom, Guildford
20 May – Alt Escape, Brighton
23 May – The Venue, Derby
24 May – The Live Rooms, Chester
25 May – The Scene, Swansea
26 May – The Parish, Huddersfield
27 May – The Station, Cannock
28 May – Chinnery’s, Southend
04 Jun – Camden Rocks, London


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