I Cried Wolf have exploded right back into the scene with the new music video for their 3rd single, ‘Scratching My Head With Ink’. The new video focuses on vocalist, Harry Davies ferociously flailing himself around in an ode to artistic hindrance.

Jacob Rudman (Bass) says, “We decided to shoot the video in-house for a number of reasons; I’ve been wanting to shoot something for the band for a long time. So when the opportunity arose I jumped straight to it! We wanted a simple idea behind the music video to convey the songs messages about dealing with writer’s block. The symbolism of being tied up is meant to demonstrate the chokehold writers block has on your creativity, and ultimately trying to battle it.”

Vocalist, Harry adds, “It’s about writer’s block and that’s it! I’m sure most artists in any form can relate to it at some point, the living hell that it is. The main riffs come from an old band Jacob and I were in together so it’s always been a favourite of mine to play. There is also a little Cancer Bats reference in this song which I cannot wait to explain to CB themselves at our hometown show supporting them June 3rd!.”

I Cried Wolf will be focusing on writing throughout the Summer to follow-up their EP ‘Hollow Heart’ released last year through Crooked Noise. “What we have so far is quite different to Hollow Heart but still maintains our ICW-ness. We cannot wait to get the songs out live and test the waters!”

I Cried Wolf head out on a co-headline tour with Falls this week and support Cancer Bats next month in their hometown, Oxford.

Tour Dates:

12.05 – Leeds – Milo Bar
13.05 – Liverpool – Maguire’s Pizza Bar w/ Falls
14.05 – Cheltenham – Frog & Fiddle w/ Falls
15.05 – Cardiff – Fuel Rock Bar w/ Falls
19.05 – Birmingham – Subside Venue w/ Falls
03.06 – Oxford – O2 Academy 2 w/ Cancer Bats


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