Lincoln alt-rock band The Decomposers have just released their debut EP ‘Born Out Of Silence’.

Produced by Owen Turner at Sickroom Studios in Norwich the 4 track EP displays The Decomposers unique knack for songwriting that has seen them draw early support from the likes of Punktastic and Already Heard.

In celebration of the EP release, The Decomposers will join Sean Mcgowan, A Great Notion and Alcopop Records’ favourites Tellison for an intimate release show at Lincoln’s Liquor night club.

The 4-track EP is available from the band’s Bandcamp page as well as via Spotify, iTunes and Google Play.

With a van playlist that includes everything from FRANK CARTER & THE RATTLESNAKES and BRAND NEW to FIRST AID KIT and JOHN MAYER, THE DECOMPOSERS are a band who value the quality of songs more than the genre boundaries which they fall into. This might explain why the bands first ever EP, to be released in April, took quite so long to perfect, as singer / guitarist Matt Belton reveals:

“We had a pool of around 20 songs that we worked on over a period of a year.  We’ve all been really excited about sharing the tracks but we knew the most important thing was to write the best songs we could possibly write. So we held tight until now.”

THE DECOMPOSERS announced their existence with a self-made video released via Facebook to their steadily growing fan base. The track titled ‘Therapy’ is an ode to mental health and the struggle that undiagnosed suffers undergo, something which is reflected in the video.

‘Therapy’ was later followed up by a second video ‘Blood Runs Cold’ which premiered on Punktastic.


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