London alt rockers Heel have released a fantastic new video for single ‘Nothing New’. With its depiction of the band representing several music genres, the video may look like its all about fun but it actually has a serious message.

Heel comment: “Nothing New is about the labels and managers taking artists who have potential to do something unique, and trying to turn them into pop bands who fit the same formula. Although the video may be tongue in cheek, the pressure on bands to conform to mainstream pop standards is something we see time and time again so we wanted to make a statement around that.”

After many months of build up, anticipation and radio & TV airplay, Heel released their debut album ‘The Parts We Save’ in March. Heel are so much more than a band, they are an all round musical experience. The four piece are a serious force to be reckoned with; jam packed with raw energy, infectious grooves and guitar work that will make you headbang before you even know you’re doing it.

Show Dates:

27 May – Oxford, The Wheatsheaf
28 May – Hastings, The Carlisle
11 June – Southampton, The Talking Heads
02 July – Chelmsford, Asylum
16 July – Dumbarton. Pandora Fest


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