The Alchemy is a fresh, new, 4 piece exponent of the new breed of English Rock bands that seamlessly blend the attitude of big guitars with big samples and synths.

The band have just released their debut music video for their title track ‘Modern Age’, taken from their forthcoming EP.

Rhys Taylor (vocals and guitar) says
“We’re excited to be releasing the video for our title track from our forthcoming debut EP ‘Modern Age’. Directed by Lewis Cater. ‘Modern Age’ – a track inspired by observations of our current generation which appears to be on a path of self destruction and segregation whether it be through global issues, racial divides or sexual discrimination. The art work for the EP depicts a character who craves perfection of self in a narcissistic way and yet appears miserable and almost worthless (represented by the mannequin – a fake, plastic portrayal of him/herself) Emphasising the unobtainable goals of perfection that our generation are obsessed with.”

Based in Canterbury, the band formed in mid 2015 and it didn’t take long for the word to get out in the Kent music community that The Alchemy was a band to look out for. Their debut EP ‘Modern Age’, produced by Paul Matthews (I Am Giant) will be released on May 9th, 2016.


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