8 stars

Here goes the most British thing I’ve ever done – I’m going to talk about the weather while drinking a cup of tea and eating jam on toast.

It’s been about 7 months since we’ve seen any sunlight and it’s been snowing sporadically throughout April. So now it’s actually sunny outside, it’s time to put on your best backpack, buy a rubbish tent from Halfords and get involved with as many festivals and as much booze and you can smuggle in. It never feels right to me listening to pop-punk when the weather’s awful, but with bands like Beaumont in the UK scene I feel bad for not actually giving it any time for half a year.

The entire EP is awash with catchy choruses and tight harmonies, gripping your attention from the off. Where this band niches themselves is in the infusion of poppier choruses and alt-rock-esque verses and this band pull it off. You’ve got the grittiness of some of the riffs which shines out to me as a real game changer. What that really grips me on this record though, and the thing to be admired over the rest is the drummer’s work. The tones of the kit are really unique, and his use of breaks, fills and general consistency are, for me, what hold Beaumont together so tightly. This being said, the rest of the instrumentation is on point and not excessive, so all due respect for that.

This combination could be misconstrued as an overload and might seem at first to be muddy, but the production and mixing are top notch and keep it feeling clean and retaining clarity. At just under 17 minutes long, Beaumont’s debut release is a fresh change, and has me anticipating where these guys will be headed in the coming months. For now, catch them heading out on tour with Homebound on a 5 day stint around the UK.

FFO – You Me at Six // Young Guns // Kids in Glass Houses


Review by Fred Whatmore


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