Rory Indiana are not a new band on the scene, having been around since 2013 and releasing their first E.P ‘Empiricism’ in 2014. Rory Indiana are now stepping into the spotlight with the recent release of ‘Ruling Class Crooks’ which has been one of my favourite releases this year so far and with a string of festivals lined up, these guys are only going to get bigger and better! We managed to get a few questions out of them while they were on tour with Faux.

Can you give us a quick run down for those who may not know who you are yet?

Hiya, I’m Ben, I play guitar in Rory Indiana, a four piece Alt-Rock band from Brighton. Our music is rather melancholy in the sense that you may have some haunting guitar laced with soothing vocals in the same song as an Underoath-esque breakdown riff. But we always try and get our choruses firmly cemented in your memory haha.

You recently released your second E.P ‘Ruling Class Crooks’, how did you find the reception to this from fans & media?

SO GOOD! Excuse my excitement. We recorded the EP a year ago (almost to the day) we released it so we’ve been itching to get it out since we got out the studio, it’s been a long wait but so worthwhile. The day of the release was ridiculous we had a massive influx of messages on our band account and personal accounts of praise and it really blew us away. We also had a few magazines that we used to read as kids – and still do – review the EP with positive reviews so we’re absolutely over the moon with the response, it’s been more than great!

rory indiana
Photo Credit: Anthony Hunt Photography

You’re currently on headline tour with a number on bands in April & May including Max Raptor & Fort Hope, how has it gone so far and how has your E.P been received on the live stage?

We’re only really at the start of it so only done a couple of shows but it’s been brilliant. We’ve met with MassMattiks as they filled in for a band, we’re going on tour with them soon so great to meet them. Our Brighton show was with our good friends in Fizzy Blood – first time we’ve shared a stage with them since our first tour so that was amazing.
It’s funny, we’ve played a few of the tracks from the EP live before it was released, so people already knew a few of the songs, but now that the EP’s out, they’ve had a thorough listen and really nailed some of their moves haha, I’m seeing a lot of dancing and jumping around which is amazing!

This year has seen a huge rise in your band from touring to playing some big festivals, how do you think you’ve grown to become a band that everyones singing praises about?

That’s amazing to hear, thank you so much! It’s very exciting, visiting a few of the same cities on different tours and gradually seeing more familiar faces is so nice. People who believe in your music really do show their support in so many ways as well. Without sounding like a too generic answer, we’re a very honest band. We never go about writing a song with an incentive in mind so to speak, we just write stuff we love and it’s very natural, I like to think that people click with that. We’re very grateful to have people come up and say they enjoyed it and as well if people came for another band on the bill and stuck around for us, for them to tell us they enjoyed it is great.

rory indiana
Photo Credit: Rory Indiana

Where would you say you you drew your inspirations for ‘Ruling Class Crooks’, especially for the first single ‘Leave Me’?

We, as a group listen to a lot of different music, there’s a lot of genres that are within the band’s musical make up. For the EP I’d say at the time of writing we were very into bands like Arcane Roots, Fightstar, Architects, that sort of vein of heavier music. When writing Leave Me, we had this idea floating around for ages, like, so long and we eventually played on it and it was one of those moments (that doesn’t come around too often but when they do, they’re indescribable) that we jammed it once, all looked at each other and smiled. I don’t think we stopped jamming it until we finished the rehearsal that day, it was one of those songs that came together so quickly but is very effective. I mentioned our musical make up as a band, Pop music is one of those genres and i think that shines through a lot with Leave Me.

You’ve been touring a lot this year with similar up & coming bands like yourselves who have a lot on momentum behind them. Do you think that being around them is a positive influence on yourselves & the UK rock scene itself?

Absolutely! We’ve toured with some great bands and had the most fun i could’ve ever imagined. It’s great cause you’re all in the same boat, all on the same journey through your bands career and there’s a good level of respect there as well. There’s no contest, which I love! Every band we’ve toured with have been great. Every band goes through it as well, like, you have to tour, you have to spread your name about and get the ball rolling, every band’s been through it, so it is just sharing that journey with another band and you really do make friends for life with other bands. We’ve made strong friendships with a lot of the bands we’ve played with.

‘Ruling Class Crooks’ is out now & available from iTunes


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