9 stars

After having recently wrapped up a UK tour with Patent Pending, Boy Jumps Ship have revealed to us their debut album ‘Wake Up’. Their energetic performances have allowed them to make a name for themselves having toured with the likes of Young Guns & We Are The Ocean and it goes to show how much they have seen these bands as an inspiration.

‘Burn’ begins with hard energetic riffs with a grunge, angst feel to the lyrics with post production being at its best here, showing that the band have already perfected every detail of how they want to put their music across, the same can be said for ‘Lost & Found’ with catchy lyrics that throws everyone back to their days of teenage angst.

With a  huge collection of addictive hooks to go through, its no surprise that this album has been a hit especially as it is their first release, the post-production of this album has perfected it in every way possible, making anthems such as ‘Turn Up The Radio’ & ‘No Tomorrow’ even more enjoyable, only watching these guys live would make it better!

‘Make You Proud’ kicks off the gang vocals, with ‘punky’ verses and a chorus that you just can’t help but want to sing along to, this was a song made to be played live. ‘Night Stories’ is the more mellow song, switching up the energy and revealing passionate & emotional lyrics, it’s a song built to have your lighters held aloft.

By only just listening to this album, I truly feel like I have been missing out on so much, this band know exactly what music they want to create and ‘Wake Up’ is bang on! (9/10)

Written by Sean Shore (@seanshorephoto)



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